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Absolutely looooooove your waist trainer!!! I have worn some for years but your one is the most comfortable & fitting I've had in years!! Best in the business. 


I received my waist trainer today, this is by so far one of my best purchase made ever....fits perfectly, no roll ups, so comfortable i could feel it supporting my back, i am happy to wear as my everyday wear, house chores, work, and training...You are Amazing. 
Thank You Asia for creating such a beauty 
Thank You so much for making us big mama's especially feel so good about ourselves and with my new waist trainer! 

Agnes Betham

I was holding out purchasing a waist trainer and when I saw Asia releasing her new line I couldn't help but purchase. I love my AP trainer, thank girl! 

Mel C

I'm so happy I've found a waist trainer that fits me perfectly! 

Leilani K

Omg I received my waist trainer today an the make an quality is fire!!!  

Liza Hokianga

I love it, quality, everything is top notch!


absolutely love your waist trainer, I have worn some for years, But your one is the most comfortable & fitting waist trainer I've had in years!!!! Best in the bussniess 


My trainer feels so good! I'm a tall girl and have a long torso and my trainer fits me perfect

Mina Stowers

So I just finished training and it's a yes from me with the waist trainer! I even had a garbage bag underneath to help me sweat more and it didn't slip once!