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Asia Penelope Collection

AP Core Vest

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Meet our latest drop, our AP Core Vest! 

This stunning piece is perfect for all body types, made from premium fabric to give your body that extra support & compression around your back & stomach area!

Similar to our AP waist trainer, our AP Core Vest has the same styling finish with the double Velcro belts. The belts are designed to support your back & help with posture control. The AP Core Vest is designed with wide straps which helps relieve back pain, reduce back pressure and protect the back of your spine. 

Our AP Core vests are one of the most comfortable garments you’ll ever wear, A must have piece - perfect for everybody! 


Fabric composition: 96% cotton 4% spandex 100% latex 
Internal: 7 Steel bones
Durable 2 belt Velcro 

Sizing : Follow our size guide in drop down box or visit the product size chart. E.g If you wear a size 16 order our  3XL- 16/18 . If unsure please size up & never size down.

Garment care:
Using a warm damp cloth little bit of soap and lightly clean the inside liner
Turn waist trainer over to the latex side and gently wipe. Let garment air dry on a flat surface Once garment is dry, fold to keep its structure. 

Suitable for daily wear. It can also wear in aerobics, such as walking and running & Gym.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews

Quality is great but the downfall was I waited almost a month for this order to be shipped even when paying express shipping. In that time of waiting I have lost that much weight that it doesn’t fit. It’s way too big now 😅 I understand I had ordered a pre-order (SportsSlim Waist Trainer) item with it but there was no clarification or warning that when ording them together that both items would be delayed. Other than that the material feels amazing.

Serafina Faasee

AP Core Vest

Thank you for leaving us a 5-star review! Your support means everything to us. We're thrilled to have met your expectations and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Disappointment Turned Happiness

So I Wrote A Review The Other Day On This Core Vest Being Unable To Zip Up On Myself Due To My Weight Etc. And I Still Stand By My Review On How You'd Have To Lose A Bit Of Weight For It To Zip Up And All. But I Found Another Way To Get It On And As Soon As I Got It On Holyyyyy It Straight Away Fixed My Posture And Helped My Back So Much 💕.

I Absolutely Love The Quality Of This Core Vest! And The Service Is Amazing As Well As Shipping, I'm Not Putting Down The Brand Or Anything Just Wanted To Share That If You Are A Bigger Woman With A Lot Of Stomach At The Front You'll Probably Not Be Able To Just Zip It Up And Will Have To Fight Your Way Into It But All In All Great Service And Quality And I Love The Vest And Hopefully After A Lot Of Healthy Changes I'll Be Able To Fit It More Comfortably 😊.

Thank You AP Collection ✨.

We're truly touched by your heartfelt feedback on our Core Vest!

Your determination to find a way to wear it despite the initial challenge with the zipper is incredibly inspiring. We're thrilled to hear that the vest has already made a positive difference in your posture and back support.

Thank you for your kind words about our service and quality. Your satisfaction means everything to us, and we're here to support you on your journey to greater comfort and health.

Letishyna Ahomana

Omg, I can’t explain how amazed I was when I got my Ap Core Vest. The material is so so good and how it just sucks in my all my fatness in😂😂.
Tbh, I’ve purchased many waist trainers and have tried it but it was just not it yk. But, finally I’ve purchased the right one. So,Thank you thank you very much for this amazing Ap Core Vest.☺️

We're thrilled you love your Ap Core Vest! Thanks for sharing your positive experience. We're here for you on your wellness journey!


Just Got My Core Vest Today And Was Excited To See It But Then Came Disappointment. I'm A Bigger Woman So Got The Biggest Size As I Wanted Something To Wear While I Worked Out Or Even Going For A Walk To Fix My Posture But Unfortunately It Did Not Fit, I Expected It To Have A Decent Stretch But Unfortunately It Barely Can Zip Up On Me.

The Quality Is Amazing And I'm Not Putting The AP Collection Down Just Want To Say This Is Not Made For Bigger Woman Unfortunately And You'll Need To Actually Lose Weight Before Trying To Wear It. Hopefully I'll Be Able To Wear It In A Couple Months.