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Asia Penelope Collection

AP Snatch Me Wrap

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One size fits all! Perfect for ALL figures. ⏳

Unlike classic trainers the AP Snatch Me Wrap is not visible underneath clothing, Suitable for long or short torsos. You can adjust how tights & snatched you want to be. AP Snatch Me Wrap is 4M long, zero boning, allowing flexibility & comfort.

1. AP wrap is woven from high-quality polyester and latex, environmentally friendly and resilience is excellent. ♻️ 
2. Worn around your waist to increases your body temperature to help burn extra calories. 🔥
3. 1 size fits all! suitable for all figures. 😍
4. AP Snatch Me Wrap has passed 10,000 elastic test. Proven the elasticity is stable and not easy to deform.
5. Strong & durable. 💪🏽

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