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AP BellyBounce Maternity Belt

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The AP BellyBounce Maternity Belt is a soft and stretchy accessory designed to provide gentle compression and support for the back and abdomen during pregnancy. Featuring back three spring steel bones, this belt helps to reduce back pain and support the growing belly. An adjustable chest elastic belt supports the chest and ensures a comfortable fit. Easy to wear and care for, the AP BellyBounce Maternity Belt is a must-have for expectant mothers who want to stay comfortable and supported throughout their pregnancy.

To clean this product, please follow these simple steps:

  1. You can use a variety of detergents and soaps to wash the product.
  2. The washing temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius.
  3. This product is machine washable, and can also be washed by hand or dry cleaned.
  4. Avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight.

By following these instructions, you can keep your product looking its best and ensure its longevity.

Material: 82%polyester+18%spandex

Please note that this product is intended to provide gentle support and compression during pregnancy, and is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using this product or any other pregnancy-related accessories

Customer Reviews

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Isabella Jacobs
AP BellyBounce Maternity Belt: The Perfect Solution for Comfortable and Effective Support!

I absolutely love my AP BellyBounce Maternity Belt! It provides excellent support for my growing belly and has helped to alleviate my lower back pain. The belt is comfortable to wear and doesn't roll down like some other maternity belts I've tried. I also appreciate that it's adjustable, so I can continue to wear it as my belly grows. Highly recommend!