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Asia Penelope Collection

AP Seamless Undies

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AP Seamless Undies uses a fitting design instead of a stitching process that is comfortable and seamless. We guarantee these will be the most comfortable undies you'll ever own 🔥Comfortably creating perfect curves with four-way stretch fabric, With high elastic, and free stretches. It just looks and feels light and breathable. Giving you a comfortable and free-wearing experience!


1. Comfortable and Seamless Design
2. Seamless and Breathable 
3. High-performance fabric
4. Skin-friendly and has zero oppressing sensation to your body.
5. The high elastic fabric starts the free-size era and also has comfortable support. The advantages are easy to stretch and high-elastic without deformation.
6. The crotch area uses antibacterial cotton cloth, ideal for women's health and has a sustainable antibacterial effect.