AP Collection was founded & created by Asia Penelope.

Why the AP COLLECTION is ahead of the curve…


Asia Penelope is the founder and creator of the AP Collection which originated from Asia’s passion and  active advocacy, embracing diversity for women in areas of culture, curves and confidence.  

Committed to creating products that align with these core values, I began the AP Collection with the launch of our very first product, the original “AP Waist trainer”. This product remains the No.1 selling item in the AP Collection, accentuating, and embracing those natural curves we are all born with. 

I developed the Original Waist trainer soon after the birth of my twins, Roman and Royal, in 2020. After consistently using my waist trainer to support my post birth healing, I was amazed with my results and the way I felt my body “snap back”. I figured if this helped me so much to regain my confidence after my body had gone through so much change, there must be other people who would also see these benefits; so I decided this would have to be my first product launch.

As my Collection grows, I am continuously working and researching to offer a unique range of products with vast sizing options that aren’t always available or offered in mainstream fashion… remaining ahead of the curve. 

My intention and message has always been to find ways to support my community to be confident and love in the skin you are in. With this in mind, I can’t wait to share with you our next product launch.

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my story and for supporting my Collection.

AP xx