AP Collection was founded & created by Asia Penelope.

Asia has always been ahead of the curve, and has been a long time advocate for plus size women and she has always had a passion for fashion & beauty.

It has always been her dream to design and create something she can share with everybody, and so the AP waist trainer was born.


AP waist trainers are the first to drop in the collection. 

After giving birth to her twins, Asia found she was religiously using her trainer, so she decided she was going to drop the AP waist trainer first. Using the AP waist trainer alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise she found her snap back after pregnancy so much easier! 

As it grows, the AP Collection will showcase a variety of products for all women, We will always strive to stock a variety of sizes & We look forward to releasing our shape wear & fitness apparel in the coming weeks and months ahead

We are very excited about bringing our amazing high quality trainers to the Australian & New Zealand markets. We do pride ourselves on having a high quality products & we can't wait for you to use our trainers to help assist you in achieving your waist training goals too!